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i live in cary nc. i called this group because i needed someone to check my property for leaks. This group came highly recommended to be a local plumber. I contacted this group to discuss my need. Their return call was next day which is ok. Once i discussed with them that the city was telling me that potential water leak was not on my property but probably on the city side. Having discussed with this group, we made an appt. I called to confirm... Read more

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I can only speak to my experience related to a Center City condo in a high rise in Philadelphia. Mike was the person who eventually came out to do an assessment to find a water source that was damaging my hardwood floors. My insurer, State Farm, recommended American Leak Detection company, which is a national company so I guess it is easier than looking up companies in anyone's specific geographic area, although they said I can use any company... Read more

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BEWARE if this company finds a slab leak and wants to reroute your water line. They rerouted our cold water pipe and ran it through the attic, we now have 106 degree water coming out of our COLD water tap in the kitchen. They have come back and put more insulation on the pipe to no avail. I suggested a different reroute and the will not come out to discuss the possible change. Their Quality Control person made an appointment to come out and... Read more

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American leak detection of central New Jersey was recommended by our pool company. Gerard the technician provided us with service. He seemed like a nice enough guy when he arrived. He asked what the issue was and we told him we were losing 4 inches of water a day . He checked a few things and when he was finished he placed one patch at the bottom of the pool and said he couldn't find anything else Guaranteed his work and said to call back if... Read more

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I called Amercian Leak Detector in Knoxville TN. I wanted to hire them to identify where I had a leak...because I could not figure it out. The lady really did her best to talk me out of using the service..even though I was willing to pay for someone to identify the problem and ultimately correct it. She really made me feel like. "I should know what the problem is" and I was surprised how hard she worked to not help me. I called here because I... Read more

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Something is not right with this company. They just can't keep up the given appointments. The lady on call was really rude. The employees are not doing their job. So I went to somebody else. Stay away from this company. You will save time. Read more

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I called this company to get a leak detection done in our kitchen Monday. She said Wednesday was the earliest they ould be there so asked to b put on the schedule. Wednesday came & no call or show up. I called 40times(no kidding)due to a busy signal. Finally got thru. The company phone was breaking up very bad & said mam i cant understand you your phone is breaking up. "FINE! call me back then" so i did & the same thing. Mam i was on schedule... Read more

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I must agree!!! The woman on the phone has truly cost their business millions of dollars in 25 years. I was a loyal cheerleader for Marc @ American leak.boys my plumbing clients were never let down until the last few years. Usually Marks service was fast and accurate. However I was never let down by what they would say about the rude woman answering the phone, only because I had experienced it myself. Yes my bar was set low and I recommended... Read more

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Absolutely Horrible Customer Service. The woman in the office is rude and condescending. Her sons are just as bad, clearly the apple doesn't fall from the tree. After scheduling to have them come out for a leak detection in a pool, they canceled after I called the office to inquire about when they would be there. I was told they would not be coming to complete the leak detection. If I could give less than one star... Read more

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Really a lousy company, have been trying to get a response for over a week and nobody knows anything. I asked that James return to complete the job and authorized his $1,100 charge. Guess the company has too much business to take care of my problem. Wish I had checked this review first but everything seemed fine when James was here, we got along just fine and I looked forward toward getting our pool leak repaired. I will ask for my money back... Read more

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