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I have had an ongoing leak problem in my pool. I called ALD office that covered the Gulf Coast region (Alabama, Mississippi).

They sent someone out as promised. He spent a very short time 30-45 minutes finding the leak. He then presented my wife with a bill for $385 (I was at work and not present). She tried to pay with my American Express card - which they would not accept.

He told her he would hold the receipt (which indicated what he found) until I called the payment in. He did not physically show her where he said he found the leak. I called the next working day, made the payment with a VISA card and asked him where the leak was. He said it was the main drain and a small leak at the deep end skimmer.

This made no sense to me since the water leaks when the pool is running and not when it's just sitting there. Anyway, I checked the skimmer and could not see what he was referring to. I called him back and he told me where to look. Still no apparent leak.

I then had a local pool guy come out and look. He used to work for ALD and told me that when they say "the main drain" it usually means they couldn't find the leak. He then checked and confirmed that the main drain was NOT leaking and that the skimmer had a very tiny leak that did not account for the large amount of water I was losing. It's been a month and I still haven't received my receipt from ALD.

I called their office on Monday to ask for my receipt and for a refund for not accomplishing what they were paid to do.

I was told that the only person in the entire office that could help me would be out till Wednesday and to call back then. Very frustrating and still no resolution (the local guy is still troubleshooting to find the leak).

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